P3R has BIG showing at KRVAs; 17 Platinum Win Championship

Another great finish to another great year for P3R at the KRVA Championships in Harrisburg! Once again we had our best finishes at the end of the season as testament to our great training in the practice gym. At the top of the marquee, the P3R 17 Platinum team won the 17 Open Championship which is a defense of the title for Coach Ferri and Coach Kelly and many members of the team that won the 2016 16 Open title. Building on the future, P3R 13 Hot Metal were runners-up in the Championship for 2nd Place overall, while 13 Veterans has a late surge to win the Silver Bracket. Meanwhile, 14 Platinum and 12 Birmingham had great 3rd-Place finishes. Here's a rundown of P3R's finishes at the KRVA Championships:

17 Platinum - 1st/Gold Open REGION CHAMPS!

16 Platinum - 3rd/Silver Open

15 Platinum - 3rd/Silver Open

15 Liberty - 5th/Silver Club

14 Platinum - 3rd/Gold Club

14 Smithfield - 3rd/Bronze Club

14 Clemente - 3rd/Bronze Club

13 Hot Metal - 2nd/Gold REGION RUNNERS-UP!

13 Veterans - 1st/Silver

12 Birmingham - 3rd/Gold

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